ReShowTimeout in TApplication.ActivateHint bug

2005-11-02 07:01:57 AM
I have overridden THintWindow to display my own custom hints using BCB6. The hints come up fine, but it seems that my program is being affected by bug QC#9043: "TApplication.ActivateHint uninitialized variable access ->hurts application performance". In my OnShowHint handler, I have ReShowTimeout = 1, so the hints smoothly follow the mouse cursor while over a label. Unfortunately, by having ReShowTimeout set to a small value, if the hint is too large (which is often), this bug causes the CPU Usage of the program jumps to 95%+ while the hint is on screen. shows that the workaround is to change Application.ActivateHint slightly, so my question is: can I do this? Is it possible to subclass TApplication like I have with THintWindow, or by some other way?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.