A class named TQuickRep already exists

2004-01-08 11:29:04 PM
I want to use a DLL in my main application (MDI app). The DLL contains
a Report (TQuickRep). As I want the report to be displayed as an MDI
child in my main application I checked the 'Build with runtime
packages' in both application's options. By doing this, both use the
same Application (TApplication). Everything compiles just fine, but
when I call the DLL from my main application I get the following
error: A class named TQuickRep Already Exists.
I tought the problem would be located in "QuickRpt.hpp", not having a
'#ifndef', '#define' clause, which could cause the class to be defined
twice. I checked the file, but the clause is present, so...
Any help would greatly be appreciated.