Re: TQuery Memory usage

2005-12-13 05:16:44 PM
Thanks for the advice,
I need the bidirectional property to be true, so that is not the solution...
I think that if the resultset is too big, the query is not selective enough
and that is the real problem! So, creating a criteria is a good option!
"Jayme Jeffman Filho" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
Hello Robert,

Along with setting up of the TQuery::UniDirectional property to true,
according to Antonio's suggestion, you could try a way of reducing
the number of rows retrieved by the query, creating a criteria, based
on your table's structure, which allow you to classify the whole set of
data in blocks. So you will be able to get one block at a time changing
the parameters that define the block.

Difficult ? For example, if your table has a column which data type is
"ftDate" ( date & time ) you can retrieve rows which have the value
of this column between "time1" and "time2", changing the values of
"time1" and "time2" you can walk through the whole table step by