Re: Newby question : How to keep form pixel size running the programon different computers

2004-10-31 07:17:14 PM
ClaudioLanciotti wrote:
Sorry for this very basic question but I am spending a lot of time on
this problem without results :

Using C++Builder 5 I've made a 640x480 pixels form with bitmaps and
fonts inside. When I run the application on different computers the form
size is changed , font size is changed , the relative position of items
on form is changed. Can you give me a trace on where I can study how to
keep that damn. form pixels fixed ?

Thanks for the help to a "RAD" newcomer ...

Claudio Lanciotti from Bologna Italy ,
the city with the longest porticos in the world
After having mailed my question to the newsgroup , and cleared the desk
, I started again searching and found in the help files something about
the Form Attribute 'Scaled' , changing it to False solved the problem !
Thanks to all , Claudio