Adding 'required' runtimes

2008-04-16 10:19:45 AM
I just imported a BCB5 runtime project into BCB2007 and saved the new
project. I removed the vcl50, vclx50 runtimes and then attempted to add
vcl, vclx, rtl to the new project. The IDE complained because the search
path was empty.
Looking at another project I have, I noticed the hint for the vcl.bpi
runtime was indicating the file was located in a project path (nothing to do
with CodeGear).
I went back to the problematic project and added the \release and \debug
library folders to the search path and was then able to add the required VCL
My question is this....
Can I safely assume the IDE will compile the appropriate debug/release
version of the library files based on the path information in each
This is one area of the GUI that isn't exactly user-friendly, IMHO.
Malcolm Smith
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C++Builder Developers Journal