BCB3 and WinXP {*word*81}ed Program

2004-08-05 03:03:41 AM
I've developed a small application that uses standard controls and
displays graphical output all on one form. The program was programmed
and built on a Win98SE machine with BCB3. The app runs fine on Win98
machines. Here at work I installed the app (as administrator) onto an
XP machine and it installed fine (using NullSoft Install 2.0). However
the program starts and then flickers like nuts without all the
controls showing up and takes up almost all the system resources and
is a {*word*81} to shut down (having to halt the process). Any idea what
might be causing this? I have created other apps that run on the XP
machine without any problems. Could it be the install process? This
app uses the registry to store recently open files, something which
the other apps did not. I can't figure what else it could be.