Help with registry

2005-06-22 09:58:48 PM
I am testing some registry updates for a project that I will be developing
and I need some insight. Just for testing I am using the Registry entry of
not showing context menus on the taskbar. I am using this simply because it
is a fast way to test.
So this registry entry ( the removal of context menus from the taskbar) can
be adjusted using the group policy editor, and when you adjust this and hit
the apply key in the policy editor the desktop flashes as if internally the
new value is being refreshed to explorer. The other thing is the new value
does take effect right away.
Now if I adjust the registry through my test application the new setting
sometimes takes and sometimes does not take. I can also verify this by using
the registry editor.
So my question is, what is the group policy editor doing internally to force
the new registry value to become effective immediately. Is there some API
that I can use to update explorer immediately after the registry entry has
been adjusted.
Could someone explain to me what the group policy editor is doing to make
the desktop flash as if it is doing a refresh.
Thanks for any information on this, I appreciate it.