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Indy TCP

2005-12-10 04:04:44 AM
Hi! I just want to say that i'm a newbie when it commes to programming.
Having said that, I have some questions.
I'm writing my own FileTransfer program, using the "IdTCPClient" and
"IdTCPServer" components in BCB6. I know how to create a connection to the
'other side', but I can't send any files.
Here's the code:
IdTCPClient1->BoundIP = Edit1->Text; //The IP of
the other computer
IdTCPClient1->Port = Edit2->Text.ToIntDef(0); //The Port is
set to 3000, but can be changed
if(IdTCPClient1->Connected() == true)
Label3->Caption ="Connected to the other side";
My problem is IdTCPClient1->WriteFile.
If you look at the HELP text, all you get is: '' function WriteFile(AFile:
String; const AEnableTransferFile: boolean): cardinal; virtual; ''
I have no idea how to continue.

Re:Indy TCP

"Jesper" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
I'm writing my own FileTransfer program
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