RE: Linker error ... LME1518

2004-04-24 12:43:24 AM
The error seems to depend on the 'Stack Frames' and the linenumber-Invormation (project/properties ->Compiler). Uncheck this!
Hi everyone ....
We have here a big linker problem. We have a big application which need to
be staticly linked and our libraries are big also. This application is
cross-platform and we are using borland 5.5.1 compiler and borland ilink32
5.0 under windows.

We compile everything on the command line using cygwin. We have to compile
everything WITHOUT the debug flag because the linker gives us an error if
there are too much debug information in the objects file. I don't know why
and it make our job much much harder for debugging.

So if anyone knows how to fix that or even has some kind of a clue of what's
going on it would be great to let me know !!!
Thank you !

Yannick Lemin
Software Engineer

Scheduling Systems Inc.
ph : (781) 893-0390

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