BCB2006 Deployment Requirements? & upgrade from BCB5

2005-12-27 09:42:19 AM
I'm currently trying to decide if it's worth upgarding to the new BCB
product, as I have some Win32 apps that I wrote in BCB5Pro, and in theory it
would be nice to extend the life of these applications using the most
current IDE and of course the new VCL.
However, looking at the datasheet on the borland site, it is saying that the
minium spec for the deployment machines is XP Pro (sp2), Win2K, and Windows
Server. So does this really mean there is no support for Win9x or XP Home
environments any more if I want to continue to develop for Win32 with the
newest product?
To be honest, after looking as if I'd been left high and dry with BCB in the
past, I have defected to the "other side" for new projects, and now use MS's
VS and .Net. But when I saw that Borland were going to bring a new lease of
life into BCB, it did get me hoping I could use it and the VCL again for
some of my projects.
Does anyone know if there have been any informative reveiws on the new BCB?
Or how well it performs in upgrading from older projects?
I'm trying to decide if it will be worthwhile upgrading, or if, instead I
will be opening a can or worms, and buying into an unstable product, that
may not have any longterm future? - I have heard all sorts of things about
Delphi 2005 being very buggy. I've always had the opinion that BCB plays
second fiddle to Delphi, so am a bit worried that BCB 2006 may be fraught
with more problems. If anyone has any good pointers to any sites with
reveiws or user experiences of BCB2006 it would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks
J Stewart