Process TAB Key to TCppWebBrowser Control without pressing Keyboard

I have researched a few of your articles about keyboard processing
with the TCppWebBrowser control from within C++ Builder 5.0.  I am
able to simulate keystrokes for normal keys like 'A','B', and so on.
But, I am unable to simulate the TAB key without pressing the keyboard
to make it work. I have been using the SendMessage(...) function. I
have written functions to get the child and grandchild window handles
for the SendMessage(...) function and as stated before this works fine
for normal keys like 'A','B' and so on.  I have tried the samples for
the IOleInPlaceActiveObject way of doing it in conjunction with the
function TranslateAccelerator(&Msg) but this has not worked out for

Is it possible to simulate the TAB key without having to press the
keyboard for the TCppWebBrowser control?

Thanks in advance for any assistance