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BCB4 Pro Quick Report Standard Support


I've got the problem with Quick Report not to support temp-path longer
than 31 characters, which is unacceptable with Windows 2000/XP user

I've tried to upgrade to version 3.0.5 that is only available for
Delphi 4 but not BCB 4, thus the qrpt40.bpi and qrpt40.lib are
missing. Is there any way to get these files? I cannot build with
runtime packages, since I need a stand-alone-exe.

Any other solution to my problem? (I cannot afford a new BCB version
or different reporting software.)

QuSoft does not support the standard version that I BOUGHT with BCB.
How do I get support? The comment on their homepage "Pathnames in
W2000 are ludicrously long and bust nearly every commercial program on
the market." is ridiculous!

Thanks for any suggestions,
Jan Henrik Sylvester <>


Re:BCB4 Pro Quick Report Standard Support

I'm going to repost this to borland.public.install.cppbuilder, since I
think it is more appropriate there.

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