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abiguity between 'operator' etc

I have created a class that overloads the << operator for both a char and
unsigned char.  The declaration appears below:

    friend TArchive& operator<<(TArchive &PassedArchive, char &PassedChar);
    friend TArchive& operator<<(TArchive &PassedArchive, unsigned char

Whenever I use TArchive with a BYTE (which is a typedef as unsigned char) I
get the error:
Abmiguity between 'operator << (TArchive &, unsigned char &)' and 'operator
<< (TArchive &, char &)'

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks to all who respond.


Re:abiguity between 'operator' etc

Sorry guys.  I meant to post this in the language group.  Can't imagine what
I was thinking (or, apparently, not thinking...)

I'll repost to the appropriate group.


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