Problem printing canvas with images

I am using the Printers canvas to generate reports for my app.  All of
the information, including my images is there in the printout as long as
I sit and let the printer print before I continue moving through my app.

Otherwise, if I start opening windows and other things, after the EndDoc
has been called, the report prints all its text but only some or no
images are printed.  I tried putting in some for loops to slow things
down but it doesn't help.  I have tried checking the Printing property
but it is no good outside of my printing function because it only tells
you if the EndDoc has been called.  My printing function returns way too
fast, so fast that the print job is not complete.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?  Do you know how to check to see
if the printer is still trying to PROCESS the print job, not just print


Scott Thornton
Programmer Analyst
Royal Canadian Mounted Police