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cc3270mt.dll and cc3260mt.dll

2007-03-06 07:22:41 PM
I hope this is the right place to ask....
I have an app thats crashing at shutdown. Using "depends" I see that some of my libs/dlls are using cc3260mt.dll (actually ALL of our libs are using that version of the DLL), however orb_br_65.dll is using cc3270mt.dll.
I am thinking that this is the source of the problem. Is it valid for two versions of this DLL to be pulled in at runtime? If not, can anybody tell me whats happening under the covers and maybe assist in finding a resolution. i.e. How do I get everything running on the same version... do I need to upgrade my version of the compiler? I suspect so.
thanks and best regards

Re:cc3270mt.dll and cc3260mt.dll

grahamoh wrote:
I hope this is the right place to ask....
It isn't.
You are asking about libraries for the Builder series of compilers
while this group is dedicated the the compilers that came _before_
cc3260mt.dll is from Builder 6
cc3270mt.dll. is from BDS2006
The proper groups have cppbuilder in their names.
Would suggest cppbuilder.commandlinetools