ANN: TRichView 1.9 - live spelling and tab stops

2004-08-19 03:41:20 PM
RichView Package is a set of native (not based on MS RichEdit dll) Delphi
components for editing documents with tables, images and hyperlinks.
Version 1.9 is released.
Some new features:
* live spelling check;
* tab stops (left/right/centered, with optional leader);
* showing nonprinting characters like spaces and tabs.
Visit for additional information.
Screenshots of new features:
Live spelling feature requires thirdparty spellcheckers.
This compiled demo works with {*word*60} 3:{*word*60}.zip
It shows live spell and autocorrect features as well as traditional spell
check with dialog.
Trial versions can be downloaded from
Supported C++Builder versions: 1-6 (4-6, if you want to use
RichViewActions -
free addon for building word processor user interface)