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ANN: Doc-O-Matic 5 released - Documentation System

2006-01-19 08:22:24 PM
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RENO, Nevada, -- JANUARY 2006 -- toolsfactory announces the
release of Doc-O-Matic 5, a major new version of its popular
documentation system. Doc-O-Matic 5 comes with an exciting array
of new features such as QuickDoc(tm), AutoDoc(tm) and Web Help.
For an overview about new and existing features, see
What is Doc-O-Matic
Doc-O-Matic 5 is a powerful Source Code Documentation
System for C/C++, IDL, C++.NET, C#, VB.NET, Delphi, JavaScript
ASP.NET, MATLAB, JSP and Java. For a quick example of what
Doc-O-Matic does for you, see
showing a source code fragment and the generated documentation in
different formatting styles.
About Doc-O-Matic
Doc-O-Matic creates powerful documentation for your C/C++, IDL,
C++/CLI, Managed C++, Delphi/Pascal, VB.NET, C#, MATLAB, JavaScript,
ASPX, JSP and Java applications and components. Doc-O-Matic supports
single source Help authoring, documentation formats generated by
Doc-O-Matic include PDF, HTML, HTML Help 1.x, Help 2.0, Windows
Help, RTF and XML.
Doc-O-Matic uses information about source code symbols (namespaces,
packages, classes, members, structs, records, enums and other
symbols) and existing tagged and untagged comments (XMLDoc comments,
JavaDoc comments and plain text comments) in source code files and
external documentation files (Word Documents, HTML files and plain
text files).
Create accurate and powerful documentation based on popular IDE
documentation styles (VS.NET, MSDN, VCL), including graphical class
hierarchies, symbol overview pages, examples, syntax highlighted
declaration in multiple languages and function body sources.
Doc-O-Matic provides full automatic hyperlinking within projects,
between different projects and from projects into the
Microsoft Visual Studio MSDN Help System, Borland Developer
Studio Help System, .NET Framework SDK, MSDN, Delphi Help and other
existing documentation.
Doc-O-Matic comes with automatic integration of generated Help
systems into Microsoft Visual Studio and Borland Developer Studio
Help and other Help systems.
Features like an integrated Editor with rich functionality, a
visualization and design tool for class hierarchies, a graphical
documentation QA tool and a flexible report feature help you develop
high-quality and well documented software.
Create balanced and highly customizable documentation in
HTML Help 1.x, Help 2.0, Windows Help, browser-based Web Help, XML and a
double-side printable PDF document.
Availability and Pricing
Doc-O-Matic 5 is available for immediate download from
A single user license for Doc-O-Matic for Authoring is $299, a single
user license for Doc-O-Matic for .NET, Doc-O-Matic for C++,
Doc-O-Matic for Delphi and Doc-O-Matic for Java US$499, the
Professional edition single user license is US$999, discounts are
available starting with 2-user licenses for all editions.
More Information
If you need more information about Doc-O-Matic please visit the
Doc-O-Matic homepage at
the Doc-O-Matic newsgroups and forums at
Thanks very much for your interest in Doc-O-Matic, if you have any
questions about Doc-O-Matic don't hesitate to contact us at
support (at)
Markus Spoettl,

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Markus Spoettl (toolsfactory) wrote:
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I just bought version 4 not long ago. Can I get a free upgrade?
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