[ANN] ComponentAce has released Absolute Database 5.06

2006-06-08 01:45:25 AM
ComponentAce has released Absolute Database 5.06
Some minor bugs are fixed.
Absolute Database BDE replacement is a compact, high-speed, robust and easy-to-use database
engine. With Absolute Database you will not need special installation and
configuration, it compiles right into your EXE.
Make your application faster and smaller with Absolute Database BDE alternative!
Key Features:
- No BDE; no DLLs
- Single database file
- SQL'92 (DDL & DML) support
- Single-user and multi-user (file-server)
- Unmatched ease-of-use
- 100% compatibility with standard DB-aware controls
- Strong encryption
- BLOB compression
- In-memory tables support
- Full source code available
- Royalty-free
- Free for personal use
To learn more and download Absolute Database, please visit
Andrew Harrison,
ComponentAce - database, compression and encryption components