[ANN] PE Explorer 1.98 R2 released.

2006-05-04 10:44:40 PM
It is our pleasure to announce the release of PE Explorer 1.98 R2.
This is available as a free update to all CBuilder Developers of PE Explorer.
For an overview about new and existing features, see:
PE Explorer is a great tool for analyzing what procedures and libraries an
executable uses without ever activating the executable unlike a de{*word*81}
which would normally have to. It will show you imported or exported function
prototypes in Delphi syntax, as there's a very strong emphasis on peeking
inside Delphi applications and packages.
PE Explorer comes with a full disassembler, resource editor, dependency
scanner, UPX unpacker, and has plug-in support. You can view the structure
and all of the resources contained in the file, track down and diagnose
problems and more.
You can download the latest PE Explorer from our Web site at:
Yuri Rai
Heaventools Software
PE Explorer: Peeking Inside Your EXE File
Resource Tuner: Extract And Edit Resources With Ease
RTC: Automate Editing of Resources in Windows Executables