EasyTable Has No Non-VCL C++ Equivelant?

2004-06-25 06:53:37 AM
Since Borland seems so hellbent on neglecting the Delphi compiler I
thought I should polish up on my C++ skills, so I started looking at
what components were out there for C++ programmers. The wxWidgets
framework was an easy decision, but then much to my horror I kept
searching and searching for days for a decent database solution that was
comparable to EasyTable. There's just nothing out there like it for the
C++ programmers! It's bad enough that they have no nifty components
comparable to Toolbar2000 & TBX, or the raize components suite, but now
I find out that the C++ database libraries are pathetic as well? I
always wondered what compelled ThumbsPlus to use the Access ODBC driver.
If anybody knows of a low-cost ($300 or less) embedded database engine
for C++ that has the capability to contain several tables within a
database file, then please post a response here. Thank you for helping.