Form->Print() prints black box if user is not a computer administrator

2004-10-15 03:01:47 AM
Hi all,
I am using BCB6 Enterprise.
I would like to use the TForm::Print method to print a form.
It works when I am administrator of the computer.
When the users (which are not computer administrators) use the
application, a black page is printed.
I guess the problem is due to StretchDIBits function used by the vcl,
because printing occurs and
there is a black box of the good size.
Is there a way to give the user the rights to use this function without
giving him the power user/administrator rights?
Is there another TForm::Print function I could use?
Any help welcome,
Alain Bourgeois
pls put my e-mail ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM ) in copy of your answer