OT: Deployment and licensing

2005-12-14 05:55:34 PM
I'll be ready to start distributing the app I've been working on in a couple
of weeks. Time to look into a strategy for licensing and allowing the
customers to download a trial version.
I've been Googling the groups quite intensively now but I didn't come up
with anything interesting for me. Most third party tools I found were rather
expensive and really sophisticated. I'm not real worried the professional
crackers will spend any time with my app. All I want is to keep normal
people honest ;)
1. They download a time limited trial version.
2. They like it and register for a license key as the pay for the product.
In the $50 range
How do you solve these matters?
Can you recommend either a priceworthy third-party tool?
Or can you recommend a strategy that I could employ myself.
Sorry for going OT but I figure somebody here can send me in the right
Sorry my site is only in Swedish as of now