Creating an Apache DSO using C++Builder 6

2006-04-11 05:00:13 AM
I am trying to create an Apache 2 DSO using C++Builder 6, but I can't
get Apache to recognize my module. I created a new Web Server
Application->Apache Shared Module (DLL). I then followed the
instructions in the project cpp file as to how to modify the httpd.conf
file for Apache. I used the default ModuleName and handler name
(_Project1_module and Project1-handler). When I run the configuration
test for Apache, I get an error message that says that the specified
module could not be found.
Has anyone successfully created an Apache module using C++Builder 6?
Does anyone have an idea as to what I might be doing wrong. I've
looked everywhere, but I can't seem to find any help. If anyone has a
simple stripped down project that works, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you,