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MCI problem

2003-09-17 07:47:29 PM
I use MCI to record wave, first open, then record, and at the a would like
to save a file in a seperate thread, not to "waste" time for saving
void __fastcall TMyThread::Execute()
DWORD dwReturn = mciSendCommand(Form1->wDeviceID, MCI_SAVE,
MCI_SAVE_FILE | MCI_WAIT, (DWORD)(LPVOID) &Form1->mciSaveParms);
but unfortunately it doesn't work, it returns error "303", why? what should
I do to save "wave" in seperate Thread?

Re:MCI problem

"Pawe? < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
I use MCI to record wave
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