Automation (& VFP)

2004-10-07 04:46:23 AM
Hi to all,
Looking for fix a problem with performance on access VFP tables
and ADO (using VFPOLEDB) I found an example in MSDN made with VB
that use VFP automation, the code look like this:
Sub FoxTest()
Dim oFox as Object
Set oFox = CreateObject("VisualFoxPro.Application")
oFox.DoCmd "USE customer"
oFox.DoCmd "SELECT contact, phone FROM customer
WHERE country = " + Chr$(39) + USA+ Chr$(39) + " INTO CURSOR cust"
oFox.DataToClip "cust",,3
End Sub
well, how can I do that with BCB 6?
Sorry by post this here, but I did not know where to post it.