CBuilder is DEAD the next is: Borland? C++ 2005 (which seems to be CBuilderX)

2004-11-19 03:46:04 PM
Hi to all,
I got an informational mail today
announcing a product.
It#s early and not very precise but ... make your opinion.
Product name is:
Borland?C++ 2005 (in different flavours, Proffesional,Enterprise)
So this seems to be the next.
Reading the text (its not english so I summarize) I see:
- VCL is not mentioned
- RAD is not mentioned
- Will work on Windows,Linux,Solaris
- contains Intel?C++ compiler and VTunes
- supports different compilers
- and other borland buzzwords like lifecycle, quality bla bla
For non gui its perhaps nice but as I tested it
(CBuilderX 1.0 foundation):
- its slow and uses 100MB of memory only to
start the IDE
- its written in Java (thats why its slow)
- it costs a lot of money (the commercial versions)
I think eclipse at www.eclipse.org:
- Is also written in java
- looks quite stable and powerful
- can do C++
- starts to have gui (but only java)
- costs nothing
So who whuld by CBuilderX, I have also eclipse
on my PC and CDT...
So ... if borland is busy doing this
you all can make your opinion on whats up
with CBuilder and VCL and 3 Party tools.
Maybe I'm wrong but ... if you already
started to migrate you probably did the right step.
is considered a