Borland project advice

2004-05-31 09:33:23 PM
Hi, I need your advice in compiling a Borland project.
I have an old 16-bit Borland project structured something like this
(simplified for illustration):
It was compiled using a make file and a command-line compiler. The
prog_obj.cpp file was compiled first and what came out was an OBJ
file. Then the prog_main.cpp file was compiled next. It was linked
to the OBJ file created previously, and the final executable was the
I am trying to create a Borland C++ Builder project group out of this
old code, while preserving the OBJ structure. I created a project for
the OBJ file and another project for the executable. I placed both
projects under a project group. When I compile the OBJ project, I get
[Linker error] Unresolved external "_main" referenced from "c:\program
because I did not specify a "main" function. However, and OBJ file
was created.
When I compile the executable, can I link it to the OBJ file created
in the previous step even though a the "unresolved external" error
occurred when compiling the OBJ?