Barriers to LIinux entry (was mistitled Re: Here is an interesting article)

2006-04-20 08:44:33 AM
I am very fond of meaningful symbo names btw.
My biggest barrier: Well, why should I care about Linux for my desktop?
I have some web sites that run on Linux. Someone else installed the Linux. That works
for me. But why spend my time trying to install an OS to save some money that is far
smaller than the amount of time==money I'll waste trying to get Linux to work?
Once I've gotten Linux to work then why will I have an advantage?
I'm thinking I ought to learn Linux better just to learn how to write Linux device
drivers. Currently I'm writing Linux code on Windows that'll eventually get
integrated into an embedded device. I could solve a larger fraction of the problem if
I learned how to work on the driver layer.
Alex Bakaev [TeamB] wrote:
What is your barrier to Linux entry? :)