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adding text to a tMemo control

2005-01-01 02:19:22 AM
I am working on a derivative of the texteditor tutorial which will display xml data in the editor window.
The xml data is generated programmatically, but I am having problems adding the xml data to my tMemo control.
I tried the following code, but got nothing displayed in the control:
txtview->Text = "<!?xml version=\"1.0\"?>\n";
This code was inside the event for one of my menu items.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
btw: the tmemo is readonly, and is used to display a trace of activity.

Re:adding text to a tMemo control

As you can see from its name have posted in the newsgroup for the Borland
C++ compiler, a 1997 compiler that provides nothing related to XML.
C++ Builder newsgroups all have the word 'cppbuilder' in their name. Please
post your C++ Builder questions in one fo the C++ Builder groups.
. Ed