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Debugging with Numega SoftIce


I would like to debug a C++ Builder 4 program with SoftIce 3.25 on Windows
NT4.  Has anyone been successful doing this?  I have sent a message to
NuMega to see what they have to say, but thought someone here might have
successfully used SoftIce with C++ Builder 4.

Thanks for any help.

Terry Burkins


Re:Debugging with Numega SoftIce

: "Terry Burkins" <> wrote:

>thought someone here might have
>successfully used SoftIce with C++ Builder 4.

I have not done it, but I have heard of it being done.

Try loading the TDS file instead of the EXE.

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Re:Debugging with Numega SoftIce


> Try loading the TDS file instead of the EXE.

Thanks for the help

Loading the .tds file with the SoftIce Loader does work.  You do need to
close the project though because the SoftIce Loader is unable to open the
tds file while CB4 has the project open.  After it is opened, you can
translate and load the file.  One difference is that the SoftIce Loader
won't start executing the program, I assume, because it isn't an exe.  If
you launch the exe from a command prompt though it works.  I put an __asm
int 3; right after WinMain in the main project and used the 'i3here on'
command in SoftIce to cause SoftIce to pop up when the program is launched.


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