ANN: HTML Help Pack 2.0 (freeware for Delphi 2, and C++Builder 1)

HTML Help Pack 2.0 trial versions for Delphi 2,3,4
and C++Builder 1,3,4 is available now at (excellent Demo is
included). Dcu editions for Delphi 2 and C++Builder 1
are freeware)

With HTML Help Pack 2.0 you will have:

-  Smart mechanism to map the WinHelp
    commands to the HTML Help commands.
-  An easy to use wrapper around the HTML Help API.
-  Customizable attributes of the Html Help
   pop-up window (color, font, etc:).
-  Automated, smart mechanism to position
   HTML-Help pop-up windows on the screen.
-  Several ways to specify texts of the HTML
    Help pop-up topics:
          String resources;
          Text file;
          TStringList object;
          OnHHGetPopupText event handler.
-  Several ways to specify aliases of the HTML Help topics:
         The [MAP] section of the HTML Help project file;
         Text file;
         TStringList object;
         OnHHGetAlias event handler.
- Possibility to use WinHelp engine to display pop-up
   topics in the HTML Help mode.
- HTML Help notification events.
-  Special HTML Help window to "pop-up"
   (pseudo pop-up mode) topics in.

Next version will include Embedded HTML Help
Window control (free update for HTML Help Pack 2.0
registerded Users)

BTW: We provide a limited tech support for
unregistered Users.

Best regards,
Igor Glukhov.