Error Searching on a dBASE Index Field

Len Chiacchia wrote in message <6nmfc9$>...
>I am unable to do a search on a dBASE index field and can't find anything
>wrong in my program.  I have set the IndexFiles and IndexFieldNames
>properties for the table in TTable and have coded a search button OnClick
>handler as follows:

>    DataModule1->Table1->SetKey();
>    DataModule1->Table1->FieldValues["CLIENT_ID"] = MaskEdit2->Text;
>    if(!DataModule1->Table1->GotoKey())
>    {
>         AnsiString Str = "Client ID not found in Demographics Database "
>                +       MaskEdit2->Text;
>        Application->MessageBox(Str.c_str(),"Search Result",
>                 MB_ICONINFORMATION|MB_OK);
>    }

1) check the value 'Text' exists in the table
2) check you don't have a range or filter set which restricts the search
3) try EditKey();  // documentation is skimpy here