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Re: Need Help!! What's worng with using macro?

2008-03-05 09:36:38 PM
"Jason Cipriani" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >writes:
The root cause is a bug in their compiler that lets it accept that code; so
in the context of the MS compiler the samples aren't "buggy", but as soon as
you try to compile them elsewhere you run into problems.
Whether the compiler has a bug or not is a seperate issue. If the
sample code is jumping over the initialization of a variable, it is
plain wrong, even if it happens to work.
What you're describing is two bugs that effectively cancel out each
other, but that doesn't mean they're ok. In fact, one could argue
that that is itself a {*word*193}, insidious problem. (It leads people to
believe that bad code is good, and that compilers handling it
correctly--by rejecting the code--are misbehaving.)
Chris (TeamB);

Re:Re: Need Help!! What's worng with using macro?

Hello All,
I had already translated the WinAudio original code to BCB2007.
I post my souce code link on borland.public.cppbuilder.multimedia "Please
help me to debug WASAPI sample"
Best regards,