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2004-05-17 10:29:33 AM
Hi there!
I have updated C++Builder 6 using Update Pack 4 recently. But
I am now having a problem with creating an ActiveX Control. When
I added the color property page in Impl.h
it causes access violation. I don't know if it has something to
do with my update, but I have been adding the Color Property Page
just as simple as declaring it in the Impl.h, but I didn't have
any problems.
By the way, the activex that i have tested contains only one color
property, and no other member variables, so there could be no
error in the code.
Thank you. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I'm
kinda in a hurry. = )


Ok, i found out what i missed doing. I forgot to uncheck the
use dynamic rtl option in the linker tab of project options.