ANN: BlockEngine 1.02 just released

2004-05-10 09:01:58 PM
We're happy to announce that BlockEngine version 1.02 just released.
BlockEngine is a set of components for creating professional-looking vector graphics. BlockEngine can be used to create business diagrams, presentations, organization and workflow charts, software and process flowcharts, database structures and much much more. Using BlockEngine you can easy to add Microsoft Visio like editor to your application. BlockEngine use next generation GDI+ graphics.
+ Visio like editor
+ Antialised 2D vector graphics
+ Alpha channel support
+ Free rotation support
+ Shape grouping support
+ Very easy to use shape connection
+ Show and snap to grid support
+ Rulers on different unit
+ Print preview component
+ Document can store in binary file, text file and stream
What's New
+ Added: Undo support
+ Fixed: BCB incompatible
For more information about BlockEngine and download trials and/or demos version, please, visit
Thank you for your time.