ANN: Package Manager, new version released, v1.0.0.73

2004-10-02 03:08:03 PM
We are pleased to announce a new version of Package Manager is available,
version released on 01 October 2004.
Whats changed (in version ?
- Installer modifications: some of the screens have been updated to make the
installer make more sense.
- InstallAid is now more intelligent: If you already have the IDE
configured, and run InstallAid, the IDE is not installed again.
- Package Manager: General validation updates on information entry.
- Package Manager: GUI Bug fix with the package lists corrected. Some paths
were being truncated on display.
- New Feature! Start of the 1Click Package integration (more information to
How do I upgrade?
If you have an existing copy of Package Manager installed, is it:
- Version or newer.
You can simply run the new installer: The old version will automatically be
uninstalled for you.
- Version or older.
Please uninstall the old version and restart before installing the new
version. In both cases, we strongly recommend that you backup your Package
Manager registry keys using the supplied Registry Tool.
Bug Reports
If you experience any problems with Package Manager, or any associated
component, please do let us know: If we do not receive reports of bugs, we
will not know they are there!
Bug reports should be sent to XXXX@XXXXX.COM .
If possible, please include a description of what you were doing at the
time, and attach the debug.log from your Package Manager directory. (Note:
The log file is recreated each time you run Package Manager).
Peer Support
And finally, we have a forum for Peer support, located at Our developers will also participate in any
discussions, however, bug reports and urgent questions should be sent via
e-mail or fax as well (to guarantee a timely response).
Checkout the new download available