[ANN] Themida Software Protector (Released:

2005-01-25 05:57:30 PM
Dears Developers,
a new version of Themida, the new software protection system, has been
[!] Bug fixed when showing nag screen in protected DLLs with Themida demo
[!] Bug fixed when showing custom messages for protected DLLs
[!] Added internal option to disable CRC on some protected blocks
[!] Fixed system deadlock in some protected applications when launching them
many times per second
[!] Fixed buffer overflow in disassembly screen when macros are too big
[+] Added support for Adobe After Effects plugins
[+] Added support for any Windows kernel names (different from ntoskrnl.exe
and ntkrnlpa.exe)
[+] Added support to detect when an imported DLL is not present in the
application to protect
What is Themida?
Themida is an advanced windows software protection system, developed for
software developers who wish to protect their applications against advanced
reverse engineering and software cracking. Themida is written in pure
assembly code and the interface in Borland Delphi 7.0.
Software Protectors.
Since software protectors were born, many attackers have centered most of
their efforts on attacking the software protectors themselves instead of the
applications. Many tools have been developed that aid in the attacking of
software protectors. These attacks often result in the attacker obtaining
the original application that is decrypted and has the protection wrapper
removed. The main problem with software protectors is that they use
protection techniques very well known by crackers, so they can be easily
bypassed with traditional cracking tools. Another important problem in
software protectors is that they have restricted execution by the operating
system, that is, they run with normal application privileges. Because of
this attackers can use cracking tools that run at the same priority level as
the operating system allowing them to fully supervise what a software
protector is doing at a certain time and attack it in specific places.
With Themida, we have centered in the main weakness that software protectors
have thus providing a complete solution to overcome those problems. Themida
uses the SecureEngine protection technology, when running in the highest
priority level, that implements never seen before protection techniques to
protect applications against advanced software cracking.
SecureEngine Technology
SecureEngine is an innovative and revolutionary technology for protecting
Microsoft Windows applications against modern cracking. Its architecture and
design is a completely new idea, never seen before in the software
security-world. While other software protectors use normal application
privileges, supervised and restricted by the operating system kernel,
SecureEngine has been designed with a different approach to avoid this
common scenario. Its code is running on the same level as the operating
system (kernel) with all privileges enabled. That allows the executing of
any kind of protection technique without being restricted by the operative
system. On the other hand, current cracker tools are unable to detect, study
and attack protection routines that have designed for and run on the same
level (kernel). This innovative technology is compatible with all popular
Windows versions, 98, ME, 2000, XP and 2003.
Includes an SDK that allows developers to control Themida in a lower level,
adding the maximum security possible. Example projects in: Delphi, BCB,
VC++, Assembly, C#, VB.NET.
Themida Standard - 149Euro
Themida Professional (Includes .NET Support) - 199Euro
Limited time offer! 20% DISCOUNT for Western Union orders.
Information about Themida ->www.oreans.com
Information about SecureEngine ->www.oreans.com/secureengine
Download demo version of Themida ->
Best Regards,
Oreans Technologies