ANN: LMD SyntaxEdit 1.1 released (C++ Builder 5 and better)

2008-01-23 06:52:41 PM
LMD SyntaxEdit represents a powerful and fast editor with syntax
highlighting, customizable syntax schemes (schemes for many popular
programming and scripting languages are included), Unicode and Code folding
support. Besides that visual appearance of the editor is completely
customizable. Along with the main controls a very powerful RegEx parsing
engine and predefined dialogs for a simple and fast creation of editors are
shipped with the package.
* 2 components including full sourcecode;
* Includes LMD PrintPack which provides powerful PrintPreview and printing
* Logical separation of Document and View, multiple views of the same text
are easily possible.
* Syntax highlighting based on XML syntax schemes. Subschemes also supported
(e.g. Javascript in HTML).
* 15+ syntax schemes for popular languages like C++, HTML, JavaScript, PHP,
TCL, Visual Basic etc. are included.
* Code folding feature (also based on on XML syntax schemes)
* Unicode support! Fast! No size limitations!
* All standard editor features like Word Wrap, Clipboard support etc.
* Multilevel Undo/Redo, compound edit feature in document.
* Customizable 'special symbols' (spaces, tabs, line ends, line wraps)
* Customizable gutter with any number of bookmarks, breakpoints, line
numbering, folding images, and custom bars (along with
OnGutterPaint/OnGutterClick custom events).
* Bookmarks and breakpoints behavior as known in Delphi IDE: bookmarks never
disappear when text is deleted, breakpoints will disappear when
corresponding line is deleted. Different kinds of breakpoints are
supported - with ability to set images for any kind of breakpoint, bookmarks
and folding pictures.
* Supports custom collections of line markers, or just markers for any
position in text. Markers positions will be updated during text editing.
* Document works with any kind of line ending characters (DOS ASCII, Linux,
MAC etc. formats)
* Virtual editing in view (as known from Delphi IDE).
* Predefined dialogs for Search (including regular expression based search),
Goto Line etc. operations
* Property editor for syntax/color scheme editing included.
* Free updates via Internet (version 1.x);
* A Site License covers unlimited number of developers in same organization
at one location
* Free technical support via newsgroup (, e-mail, fax or mail;
* Also available as part of LMD IDE-Tools or VCL Complete packages.
Product Home Page:
Product Data Sheet:
Trials are available at
An Exe-Demo (0.5MB) demonstrating the features of the package is available
Supported IDEs are Delphi 5 - 8, 2005, CBuilder 5+6, BDS 2006 and CRS 2007
(Delphi 2007/C++ Builder 2007).
LMD Syntaxedit 1.0 can be purchased either standalone or as part of LMD
IDE-Tools 1.0 or LMD-Tools VCL Complete.
Visit also the main LMD-Tools product page at for more info about other other LMD
Innovative products.
Order infos are available at
For any questions please visit our newsgroups at or email