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Capture keys from TAcroPDF

2006-02-21 05:45:02 PM
I created the Acrobat Reader's ActiveX Wrapper class : TAcroPDF,
and placed it onto my form.
Now, i want to close my form, whenever ESC or F12 is pressed.
Unfortunately, when the ActiveX has the focus (when navigating
through the PDF), it seems, that i have no possibility to
capture the keyboard messages. I tried various things:
- form's keydown event
- setting Application->OnMessage
- setting a new WindowProc at the AcroPDF
- new Dispatch handler for the form via BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP,
trapping WM_KEYDOWN (strange, this didn't work at all).
- etc.
Searching the web, not finding any information - it seems,
that i'm the only person in the world having this problem.
Although, opening a PDF in FireFox, there's the same problem...
BTW, I'm using BCB 5.
Does anybody have the solution for me?
Thank you in advance,
EH :-)

Re:Capture keys from TAcroPDF

Hmm, nobody's answering.
I'll try it in .components.using.