Changing Object Focus on Form with ActiveX takes 20 seconds

2007-05-17 08:44:26 AM
I installed Farpoint's Activex...all went well-- I dropped a Spread on the
form and compiled/built/ran--all went well...then I went back to the form in
the IDE and clicked it to get focus for the took 20
seconds...the Bpl was built with debug I changed to
Release...built/installed/linked/ran...all weell...
back to the Ide and bingo still 20 seconds [Pent 4,3.5ghz,2gig mem] i
installed another Farpoint ActiveX control [ a differenet one]...same exact also takes 15-20 secs to click ObjInspector Events or
It seems like BDS is recompiling the ocx/tlb files...or re-parsing
chews up 50% of the CPU when the 20 sec wait is happening...any thoughts
would be appreciated.