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TTrayIcon from BCB6

2004-12-23 05:22:24 PM
How to use TTrayIcon shipped with BCB6?
I did following:
1. Assigned TImageList object (with single icon) to TTrayIcon::Icons
2. Assigned a handler to Application::OnMinimize
3. Above handler contains only "TrayIcon->Minimize();"
And after minimizing my app disappears from task bar and
applications tab of Task Manager. It exists only in Processes
tab of TM.

Re:TTrayIcon from BCB6

"Tumurbaatar S." < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
How to use TTrayIcon shipped with BCB6?
I do not recommend it. TTrayIcon is notoriously buggy. I suggest handling
the tray icon manually yourself. You can read the following article for
Create forms that miminize or close to the system tray