OnDeactivate is triggered when Main Form is hidden

2004-11-12 12:16:21 PM
I'm using a main form (A) with some buttons and a form (B) showing a
bitmap in my program. User can maximize form B. I use
Application->OnActivate to restore the size, i.e. when user switches to
other application while form B is showing on fullscreen.
Somewhere I set Visible= false for form A. Now when the user maximizes
form B it simply jumps back to normal size. For some reason OnActivate is
triggered. Even I tried to use SetFocus() or SetActiveWindow() on form B
or A, nothing helped :-(
Any idea, what I can do?
Will it help if the invisible form is not main form?
What do I have to modify to get B become main form?
Phuoc Can HUA