How to use GetDragCursor Method??

2008-02-02 09:14:32 AM
Hi all,
I want to have the same crNoDrop and crDrag cursors so that during drag and
drop operations allways the same cursor is shown.
I have solved it in this way:
HICON cursor;
Screen->Cursors[crNoDrop] = cursor;
DragObject->DragCursor = crNoDrop;
With this coding allways the same drag cursor is shown. But I don't think
that this is a good practice to change an "predefined" cursor so I wanted to
use the GetDragCursorMethod.
But this needs a drag object. How to use it? At the moment I use the methods
StartDrag, DragOver, DragDrop, EndDrag
and have no own DragObject created.
Thanks in advance,