about pipes in windows and so on

2003-10-15 08:20:05 PM
Hello all, since some weeks ago Im working with Builder and Ive been
doing many examples from books to learn as much as possible.
Im now dealing with DDE applications and the example Im now concerned
does not work properly. Lets say 3 pipes are created between a server
and a client and when the server reads a record from a file, 3 fields
(TEdits) in the server are changed and also sent to the client using
the On Change event in the TEdits. In the client side only the first
field appears (again in TEdits) but the remaining 2 do not.
I thought the problem was that the 3 fields in the server changed
simultaneously (time between one command and the following), so I put
a delay (sleep(1000)) between them, and curiously, the changes in the
server fields are not taking effect until the method has finished, so
the three fields are filled simultaneously after 3 seconds and the
client do not see anything again.
So, first thing I would like to ask is how to show the text of
different TEdits with some delay between them when all the TEdits are
in the same method.
The second question is: does anyone have a sample of using pipes in
windows (DDE applications)?
Thanks a lot in advance,
Juan Luis Medina