Problem with C++ Builder Personal project builds

2003-09-16 06:35:38 PM
Can anyone help find out what is going wrong when I create projects
which build to console applications targets, ie .exe files using
Project Manager. I have found that when I do a Build All Projects all
executables compile to their expected .exe files but sometimes I find
that the last .exe file in the Project Manager list doesn't execute as
it should and appears to be the previous .exe file in the list but
with the last one's name??? That is, if I have two projects called
prog1.exe and prog2.exe in a project group and each executable is
compiled from a .c source file containing the following lines of
#include <stdio.h>
print("This is prog1 ...\n");
#include <stdio.h>
print("This is prog2 ...\n");
Then naturally I would expect each executable to print a text line
identifying itself. However when I do an All Build Projects as
referred to above and run prog2.exe, I get the output generated by
prog1.exe !
I would be grateful if abyone could tell me what is going on.
Thank you
Stephen Learmonth