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Problem with Installation

2004-10-16 01:10:52 PM
Anyone else have a problem installing the C++ Borland compiler version 5.5
on a windows XP system with SP2? I downloaded the 8.7 Mb file and when I
click to unpack it, I get the following error: "There is not enough space
on drive c:\ to extract this package. Please free up 50.79 MB and click
retry." My problem is that I have 32 G free. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

Re:Problem with Installation

Try first disabling any antivirus software that is running on the system,
and see if that makes any difference.
If not, then try the install while logged in as the Administrator. It also
might be worth a shot to boot into Safe Mode, unpack the setup files, and
then boot back into regular Windows to do the actual install.
-- YH --