Re: BCB6 / BDSCPP / no screwdriver in monitor Mod+1 interesting

2006-04-21 04:41:33 PM
I like all your comments and agree with them for the most part.
I find the autotypeing "feature" to be a major annoyance. Often I'm typing a
function foo and after the final o I'm all set to type (), but the ide helps
me by putting ) just after I type (, so I end up with foo()) . Worse then
useless, it slows me down and causes bugs.
Local file history is a good tool It has saved me several times already.
The language integration seems useless. I can't do anything with the
mutliple personalities that I could do before with two ides. I could have
the same components on both tool paletes with two ides, now they are
separate and don't seem to play nice. (I can't get my delphi components to
show up on the C++ palette).
And speaking of paletes. I want to go back to the old style. This docked
stuff doesn't work for me. I'm constantly fighting with the project manager
and tool palette to be able to see both, and they both are encroching on the
form under development.
All in all, so far, I haven't seen the improvement to justify the cost. Lots
of bells and whistles, but little in the way of meat an potatoes. I would
have liked
1. form type
1 Pallete for all components
Mutliple languages.
delphi uses to be able to use Unit.hpp (I'd even accept a restricted syntax)
And I really hate that when I'm working CBuilder I can't create Delphi forms
or code, or visa versa. I'm not even going to bother with C#.