SOLVED! BDS2006: Build Configurations - saved where?

2006-11-19 04:26:54 AM
Hello Michael,
>Hello David,
>>>In more detail I mean where the global Build Configurations (settings)
>>>are saved.
>>It doesn't appear to me that there are any global ones other than the defaults. New ones seem
>>to be created as part of the project files.
>I asked in thread "BDS2006: Build Configurations" how I can add and change
>the default Build Configurations (and you answered) - so somewhere must the
>settings be saved?

Perhaps you mean C:\Documents and Settings\UsereName\Local Settings\Application Data\Borland...
yes, you are right, but you must first create the file! AND THEN RESTART
THE IDE for using the settings for new projects!! Believe me, I thought I
get crazy until that problem was solved.
When you have carried out all settings in your project (Project->Options)
then you must check "Default". Then the default project file is created
C:\Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Borland\BDS\4.0\DefProject.bdsproj
BUT RESTARTING THE IDE is really annoying. And sometimes it would be
usuful to be able to import these settings for an already existing
Thank you all for your efforts - the last hint from Michel Leunen,
thread "default project options"