Can't create a table at runtime

2004-01-17 05:23:56 AM
Hi all,
I am trying to create a table at runtime using the following code. I have already created the database (db) but when I execute the code I get BDEEngineError with message "Number is out of range"....what number? I tried to change the size of each field but that didn't solve the problem
What am I missing
thanks in advance
TTable* table = new TTable(this);
table->TableName = "Profile.db";
table->FieldDefs->Add("Contacted", ftDateTime, 0, false);
table->FieldDefs->Add("Contacted on", ftDate, 0, false);
table->FieldDefs->Add("CustNo", ftString, 0, false);
table->FieldDefs->Add("Company", ftString, 0, false);
table->FieldDefs->Add("Last Name", ftString, 0, false);
table->FieldDefs->Add("First Name", ftString, 0, false);
table->FieldDefs->Add("Note", ftString, 0, false);
table->IndexDefs->Add("", "CustNo", TIndexOptions() <<ixPrimary);
table->IndexDefs->Add("CompanyIndex", "Company", TIndexOptions());
table->IndexDefs->Add("LastNameIndex", "Last Name", TIndexOptions());
table->IndexDefs->Add("ContactedIndex", "Contacted", TIndexOptions());
table->IndexDefs->Add("ContactedonIndex", "Contacted on", TIndexOptions());