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virtual listview problem

2008-07-14 04:42:49 AM
I use virtrual listview and don't see items on screen.
Here is my handler for OnData event:
void __fastcall TReklamDlg::ListViewPlanesData(TObject *Sender,
TListItem *Item)
Item->Caption = "11111111111111";
for (int col = 1; col < 4; col++)
Item->SubItems->Add( "2222" );
In constructor of the form:
ListViewPlanes->Items->Count = 100;
In de{*word*81} I see that Item->Index is equal to that very
item (invisible) which is under moving mouse.
There is a scroller in listview. When I scrool to the end
and move mouse over the last row in listview I see that
Item->Index = 99.
There is another listview in the program and everything is ok with it.
I looked through all properties and set them equal to those
for a "good" listview, but my listview is still looks "empty".
What I am doing wrong?
Thank you for any hint.

Re:virtual listview problem

I have forgotten about adding columns...